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GIVEAWAY: Choice of Masters by Joey W. Hill

Pepper and I like to show support for the authors who publish at the same e-publishers we do. Today's author is someone whose work I adore. She's one of the few erotic romance authors I buy in print.

Thomas has led his life according to the tenets of chivalry laid out by King Arthur. Now his deepest desires and his unshakable honor have joined in single purpose. His soul mate, Lilith, whom he has met only in dreams, is bespelled by a wizard. For five years she has been forced to exist as Lord Zorac’s prisoner in a state of high arousal, unable to gain fulfillment.

To free her from her torment, Thomas must perform the sensual Rite of Awakening and convince Lilith to accept his word and hand as that of her true Master. But Lilith’s punishment is more than the capricious act of an evil wizard, and all is not as it seems…

You can read an excerpt at Ellora Cave's site.

All you have to do to enter is comment to this post. That's it. At 9pm PST on Sunday, I'll choose a comment at random to win.

You don't need an LJ account to leave a comment, but if you don't have one, please consider leaving an email address you can be contacted at. That guarantees I can get a hold of you in case you win.
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