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Writing in Tandem
Every walk of life 
6th-Jan-2011 01:47 pm
text - sacrifice who you are: munkymp3
This month, the last Jamie Craig title in the Boys of the Zodiac series comes out. Where Pepper and I have gone different routes with our solo titles, we've stuck to contemporaries for our joint efforts - Gage and Christopher's two stories, Grady and Colin, and now we're introducing everybody to Aaron and Peter.

Though this is a contemporary, this one is a slight departure for us. This marks our first story involving two single dads. We've written about dads before. Teo in Fortune's Return has his young son who plays an integral part in the story, while Charlie in A Simple Truth has a tween son who never shows up in the story. But "He Said, He Said" is a little different. In it, the boys are far more important, playing significant roles in each man's life. The men are fathers, first and foremost, and it was that dynamic we wanted to explore a little in this endeavor.

It made a nice change, to be honest. We've written our share of vampires and unattached professionals, cowboys and artists. It was time for us to remember gay men come in every walk of life. Reading their story made me want to run out and see what other single father romances are out there in this genre.

What are the types of m/m hero you'd like to see more of?
6th-Jan-2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
I have not read a m/m hero who is a single father. So, yes, I would like to read more of that type.

And time-travel, I would like to read more of that type.
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