January 9th, 2011

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Weekly link wrap-up

---First of all, if you haven't signed up for our January giveaway of a signed print copy of Master of Obsidian, drop on by and put your name in the hat.

---Writer Ali Katz has what she calls a "Best of E" thing she does for her blog, books she's purchased, read, and loved. We are very fortunate that she chose The Bad and the Beautiful to highlight today. Thank you, Ali!

---As a genre writer/reader, nothing infuriates me more than condescending attitudes from people who consider anything but literary fiction a waste of time. This article at The New Yorker is a perfect example of the mentality I just don't understand. Its writer doesn't like the current e-technology, because she's one of those who doesn't see them as real books. Oy.

---Aren't happy with the current sex toys on the market? Design your own! (NSFW)

---For everyone who might have gotten one for Christmas, Jane over at Dear Author posted 10 tips for your new ebook reader.