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Weekly link wrap-up

---First of all, if you haven't signed up for our January giveaway of a signed print copy of Master of Obsidian, head over and comment for a chance to win. Only a little over a week before we pick a winner!

---NPR ran a piece this week about the state of checking out e-books from your local library. The comments make it even more worthwhile. Some good advice in there for some people.

---Dear Author ran an interesting story today about the value of ownership and ebooks.

---Our next Carina Press release, Outcast Mine, is now available for pre-order at Amazon for the Kindle.

---A plus for gay rights advocates: a federal judge has ruled that state employees in same-sex relationships in California can sue for discrimination in regards to their spouse's health care program.
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Because yes, I watch AI

Pepper will kill me when she realizes what I'm posting about today, because she is absolutely not a fan of American Idol. Am I a fan? That might be strong terminology. But I have watched it regularly since season 2, as well as watching both seasons of Pop Idol in the UK prior since I was living there at the time they aired (and is why I didn't see season 1 of the American version since they didn't start airing it in the UK until S2).

But it's starting up tonight, and though I have no idea how it's going to work with all the restructuring and new judges (or if it'll even last another season), I thought I'd post about some of the guys who have been my favorites over the years. Honestly, my favorite has only ever won once. I even stopped watching in season 5 after my favorite was voted off (he has one of the three videos below), because I thought everybody else was such a joke.

I'm sure Pepper would argue that they're all jokes, lol. And my sister will be pissed if she sees this because she loved most of the ones I hated. But it's all about everybody's own tastes, isn't it? Just like books and romantic heroes. We have the types we love.

I'm not sure what these three guys actually have in common to say anything about my preferences except that all three performances give me goosebumps.

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Born This Way

Like a lot of people who spend a good portion of their time online, I follow a number of blogs. They range from home stuff to writing blogs to news columnists. I discovered a new one over the weekend that intrigues me, and I'm passing it along, because I think a fair number of our readers will be intrigued by it as well.

It's called Born This Way. It describes itself as thus:

A photo/essay project for gay viewers (male and female) to submit pictures from their childhood (roughly ages 2 to 12), with snapshots that capture them, innocently, showing the beginnings of their innate LGBT selves. It's OUR nature, our TRUTH!

What it is ends up being a lot more than that. Submitters talk about their childhoods, sometimes with humor, sometimes far more seriously, and the result is some wonderful peeks into what it means to struggle (or not) with identity as a child. Now, that doesn't mean everybody who is gay was effeminate/butch, or that if you're effeminate/butch as a child you'll come out as gay later on in life, but these people at least partially identify with that characterization. And their stories are well worth reading.
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Giveaway winner: Choice of Masters

Time to announce the winner of this week's giveaway!

Because we only had two entries this week, and because I love this author so much, I've decided not to pick a winner tonight. Instead, I'm giving a copy to both of the people who entered... bl0226 and Vicki Thompson!

Email us at our contact email in the user info and let us know what ebook format you prefer so we can get the book to you. Congratulations!
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New Year, New Submissions

Knowing myself the way I do, I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions. Being generally lazy and unmotivated, I always start with the best of intentions. Actually, I think I finally understand the saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." My good intentions never lead to good actions, or any actions at all really. But I do like to have goals in mind, and so this year I decided that I would submit to publishers and editors that I haven't previously worked with. This is partially to get myself out of a minor writing-related slump and partially because I personally love the act of researching a publisher, learning what they want in a story, and then challenging myself to deliver on that. Plus, the excitement and fear that comes with any submission is simultaneously heady and terrifying, like going grocery shopping on Christmas Eve. You can't help but get caught up in the general rush and mayhem of the season, but you're pretty sure you'll be harmed or maimed during your foolhardy mission.

So far, I've been doing a fairly good job of meeting my goals. I've submitted a story to Freaky Fountain for their Heavenly Bodies call, one to Cleis Press for their Afternoon Pleasures call, and today's submission was to Dreamspinner Press for their uniform appeal anthology. None of the stories are very long or particularly brilliant, but hopefully 3 subs in the first 2 weeks of the year will set the pace for the rest of the year.
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GIVEAWAY: Choice of Masters by Joey W. Hill

Pepper and I like to show support for the authors who publish at the same e-publishers we do. Today's author is someone whose work I adore. She's one of the few erotic romance authors I buy in print.

Thomas has led his life according to the tenets of chivalry laid out by King Arthur. Now his deepest desires and his unshakable honor have joined in single purpose. His soul mate, Lilith, whom he has met only in dreams, is bespelled by a wizard. For five years she has been forced to exist as Lord Zorac’s prisoner in a state of high arousal, unable to gain fulfillment.

To free her from her torment, Thomas must perform the sensual Rite of Awakening and convince Lilith to accept his word and hand as that of her true Master. But Lilith’s punishment is more than the capricious act of an evil wizard, and all is not as it seems…

You can read an excerpt at Ellora Cave's site.

All you have to do to enter is comment to this post. That's it. At 9pm PST on Sunday, I'll choose a comment at random to win.

You don't need an LJ account to leave a comment, but if you don't have one, please consider leaving an email address you can be contacted at. That guarantees I can get a hold of you in case you win.
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Tuesday Eye Candy

I'm starting a new novella, which means deciding on a physical look for my heroes. I can't write them if I can't see them. I already knew one of my guys wears glasses, so I've spent the past couple days staring at pretty men in glasses. It made sense to share some of my favorite celebrities in glasses today.

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Weekly link wrap-up

---First of all, if you haven't signed up for our January giveaway of a signed print copy of Master of Obsidian, drop on by and put your name in the hat.

---Writer Ali Katz has what she calls a "Best of E" thing she does for her blog, books she's purchased, read, and loved. We are very fortunate that she chose The Bad and the Beautiful to highlight today. Thank you, Ali!

---As a genre writer/reader, nothing infuriates me more than condescending attitudes from people who consider anything but literary fiction a waste of time. This article at The New Yorker is a perfect example of the mentality I just don't understand. Its writer doesn't like the current e-technology, because she's one of those who doesn't see them as real books. Oy.

---Aren't happy with the current sex toys on the market? Design your own! (NSFW)

---For everyone who might have gotten one for Christmas, Jane over at Dear Author posted 10 tips for your new ebook reader.
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Every walk of life

This month, the last Jamie Craig title in the Boys of the Zodiac series comes out. Where Pepper and I have gone different routes with our solo titles, we've stuck to contemporaries for our joint efforts - Gage and Christopher's two stories, Grady and Colin, and now we're introducing everybody to Aaron and Peter.

Though this is a contemporary, this one is a slight departure for us. This marks our first story involving two single dads. We've written about dads before. Teo in Fortune's Return has his young son who plays an integral part in the story, while Charlie in A Simple Truth has a tween son who never shows up in the story. But "He Said, He Said" is a little different. In it, the boys are far more important, playing significant roles in each man's life. The men are fathers, first and foremost, and it was that dynamic we wanted to explore a little in this endeavor.

It made a nice change, to be honest. We've written our share of vampires and unattached professionals, cowboys and artists. It was time for us to remember gay men come in every walk of life. Reading their story made me want to run out and see what other single father romances are out there in this genre.

What are the types of m/m hero you'd like to see more of?